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STILL THE ENEMY WITHIN is an excellent educational resource for those studying POLITICS, BRITISH, LABOUR AND CONTEMPORARY HISTORY, SOCIOLOGY, ECONOMICS, FILM AND MEDIA STUDIES. It contains over two thousand clips of original archive material from the period and has been inducted into the BFI as a film of significant historical importance. Additional material includes A CHRISTMAS LIKE NEVER BEFORE
ALL OUT! DANCING IN DULAIS – The Real Story behind “PRIDE”

Below are a selection of the Academic Praise for Still The Enemy Within.

“Highly Recommended…Provides many opportunities for group and class analysis as well as individual contemplation. Hence it is excellent viewing for the individual or in group screenings. The Enemy Within objectively portrays the power of people to unite and affect their nation’s and their own future. In an age of dynamic change what better film can be imagined!”
Malcolm L. Rigsby, Educational Media Reviews Online

“Gripping, timely…The miner narrators take us into the fierce heat of the battle and remind us the struggle for good jobs, livable communities, and dignity for all is far from over. This is an inspiring, beautifully-rendered film of resistance that reveals how today’s economic and political crises came to be.”
Dorothy Sue Cobble, Distinguished Professor of History and Labor Studies, Rutgers University

“A sympathetic and insightful portrait of one of the most important strikes in recent history…Highly recommended.”
P. Hall, Video Librarian

“Moving and powerful, this movie shows how manipulative political power can be but also how passionate and irresistible the struggle for justice is. It redresses history and proves the neo-liberals are the enemies of democracy.”
Nadia Urbinati, Professor of Political Theory, Columbia University

“A compelling testament to the power of solidarity…Feminist, LGBT, and Black Power organizations all had a hand in gathering money and supplies…The Enemy Within is not only a compelling account of social struggle, and the methods the miners employed to carry on, but it also serves as an inspiration towards another way of thinking about and conceiving politics.”
Riad Azar, Logos: A Journal of Modern Society and Culture


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